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child labour
child labour


Imagine  for a moment, if you will, a situation where, through no fault of your own, your child was denied basic education.

Imagine that there is only one school in the area, and that it is the only option for your children to get an education. It has no classrooms. It might not even have a teacher. If you're really lucky, it may have a toilet.


Imagine sending your child to bed hungry. Not as some Victorian form of discipline, but because you, as a parent, were unable to earn the money required to provide for your family.

Imagine this alternative reality. Now imagine being powerless to change it.


Youth Alliance exists today because we believe that this harsh reality, faced by millions of children and their families, should not be overlooked. It is a conviction we share to advocating for the rights of children in Africa. Youth Alliance aims to amplify the voices of Africa children, and their struggle for survival.


Through our efforts, we aim to effect change that will ultimately stop this vicious circle of poverty, hunger, discrimination and the lack of access to healthcare and education. In short, we aim to bring about a change to ensure that every child in Africa, regardless of race, religion or background, has a fulfilling and enriching childhood, guaranteed to them as citizens of India.

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Youth Alliance Africa partners with other organisations to support local, on-ground projects engaged in working for the underprivileged children. Very simply, we act as the link between

  • People like you who want to help underprivileged children and
  • Children in need.

We do this by channelling concern, goodwill, time, money and skills of thousands of individuals towards child development initiatives and projects. We work with them towards bringing about sustainable change to the lives of children, by empowering communities to address the root causes of illiteracy, poverty, discrimination and exploitation.

Youth Alliance Africa has a strict selection process, with regards to the grassroots organisations we support. Every organisation seeking to gain our support is subjected to the following scrutiny procedure:

  • Projects apply to Youth Alliance Africa for support
  • Project applications screened and short-listed by Youth Alliance Board sanctions the project/grant
  • Youth Alliance Africa utilises the grant management services of Youth Alliance Africa in relation to the projects supported in Africa

Currently Youth Alliance Africa  support 2 projects in Ghana  At present, the core of Youth Alliance Africa work centres on volunteer action. We raise funds in all over the world by using the following avenues:

  • Events
  • Individual donations
  • Corporate donations and sponsorships


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help give African children the right to education
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